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What a Difference a Year Makes – Real Life July 3, 2009

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Alex moved home a year ago – much to my surprise at the time, she left her husband and moved home.  It’s been an interesting year, and from my perspective a good one, but she’s chomping at the bit a little…anxious to be back out in the world on her own.

Just like Cat Stevens said, it’s a wild world, and I really like having her at home.  It was far easier to let go the first time, when I was angry and hurt.  This time it will be a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.  Yep, it’s got to happen, and it will be a glorious day for all of us, but I’m not in a rush for it to arrive.

This old heart…even this old heart can remember wanting to get started on “real life” and straining to get out out out out of here.  I know the feeling, I really do.  Wanting to create a life that I’m proud of, to hell what anyone else thinks – their pride is not enough.  I get that.  And I know that as much as we want to give her the advantage of a firm foundation under her feet, a good education and a debt-free restart, she may bolt before she gets there.  Impatience speaks so loudly that sometimes it just will not be ignored.

Que sera, sera, and I’ll deal with whatever happens.  But if you happen to see my girl over the next couple of weeks, give her a big hug and remind her that real life IS happening, right now, even if she doesn’t feel it. She is building a life that is worth living – that qualifies as real life.


One Response to “What a Difference a Year Makes – Real Life”

  1. Alex Says:

    It’s been a good year from my perspective, too. :>

    I’m anxious to feel and be ready more than I’m itching to actually start, if that makes sense! One of my benchmarks for readiness to move is getting the bills paid off and taking care of the financial stuff we talked about last night. I want to be free and clear. Priority for me, too.

    Thinking about the future is all. Wishing’s not going to get me what I want, so I know I need to make plans and try to see them through. And “as soon as possible” for me emphasizes possible, not soon. :>

    I love you.

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