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Chickenses! July 3, 2009

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I’m getting two more chickens!  Araucanas, this time, the ones that lay blue, green and brown eggs.  They are supposed to be nicely tempered birds but I’ll be shocked if they’re sweeter than the two current babies.

And while we’re talking about chickens, as we so often seem to do here, here’s a little rooster who nearly stole my heart on Big Pine Key.  You always hear about the feral chickens in Key West, but Big Pine has quite a p0pulation at the Winn Dixie (the only grocery store within about 30 miles).  This little bantam guy got to the point where he’d see me pull the camera out (I think I took his picture every day) and think I was waiting on him to mosey over and have his picture taken.

My Little Friend

My Little Friend

Along with this guy, there were several full sized roosters and they are so stunning that I was giving serious thought to catching one and bringing him home.  Then I got a look at their spurs and decided against it.   Here’s a decent picture of one of these beautiful boys – sorry about the shopping cart in the background but it wasn’t a very glamorous location.

I Left My Heart Down at the Winn Dixie Parking Lot

I Left My Heart Down at the Winn Dixie Parking Lot

I still don’t know why chickens have become such an important part of my life, but I’m glad that they have.  And Steve, no matter what he says, likes them enough to feed them candy.  Either that or he’s trying to kill them but hey, let’s keep things positive, okay?


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