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A Lovely Sisterhood July 2, 2009

Filed under: relationships — eastlakecounty @ 7:09 pm

Enough has been said about my “real” sister (I use quotes only because I’m going to talk about other sister, not that my “real” sister isn’t “real”!), but not enough about my “other” sisters.

And because I spent a good portion of the afternoon drinking with them, I’m really in no condition to say much.  But I WILL say this: love them, love them, love them.  ALL my “other” sisters, even those I haven’t seen in years.  Where would we be without the sisters we choose for our ownselves?

I know they’re sisters because we can expose our frailties and faults to each other and, while it may briefly be a topic of conversation behind our backs, we still love one another and truly…where can you find a better bunch of fans?


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