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Sometimes I Wish I Had Had 25 Daughters June 27, 2009

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There are days when I love my kid so much it’s like my heart has somehow escaped from my chest and I can see it beating.  It’s truly a physical sensation.  Not that I don’t love her every day, because I do, but sometimes it just bowls me over.

This morning I went to wake her up because, really…we’re on vacation and I don’t want her to sleep the days away even though SHE is on vacation, too and probably should be allowed to sleep all day if that’s what she wants to do.  Anyway, I went to wake her because we were going snorkeling and I knew she wouldn’t want to miss that.  I sat on her bed for a minute and all of a sudden it was like when she was a little girl and I used to sit on her bed and rub her back or sing to her or all  that other stuff that happens when your kids are babies.  What a sweet moment.

I know they say love only multiplies, it never divides, but I really don’t think it would have been fair to a second child…I can’t imagine loving two kids this much. 

What a cool young woman she is.  Smart, funny, beautiful (especially in her new tankini with her groooooovy sunglasses) and generally fun to be around.  Most of the time.  She may not do everything (anything?) the way I would do it, but I think that can be forgiven.  And I’m glad that she likes to hang out with us even though I know she’d rather be with a gang of buddies, hanging out at the No Name. 

Oh, and it’s very nice to have an additional driver.  She is very patient when I go into my terrible passenger routine, even though I know she wants to throw my ass out on the side of the road.

On a side note, it sucks to have to wear glasses.  Snorkeling is not the same when you can only see flashes of color but can’t tell what kind of fish the colors are on.  Also, most of the coral looked dead today.  I saw a big grouper and a big barracuda, but those were the only fish big enough for me to recognize.  The rest just looked like flashes of colored foil darting about.  But I’m very grateful that glasses were invented because at least I can enjoy the stuff I see up here on land.  Thank  goodness I’m not the little mermaid.


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