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I can’t work up a tear, and I cry at Hallmark commercials. June 27, 2009

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I’m sorry.  Ican’t work up a tear for Michael Jackson.  I just can’t.

Yes, he was an enormously talented singer and even though I don’t dance myself, I surely appreciate his talent for dance.  Even I can’t deny him that. 

But there are people who help this world by leaving it, and I believe he is one.  It’s my own distorted lens that I’m looking through, and I realize that, but I still feel it strongly.  My heart is not broken.  I don’t understand people who are LITERALLY crying right now.  I don’ t doubt the depth and sincerity of their feelings, but I sure as hell don’t share them.

Neither of us are wrong, I think.


4 Responses to “I can’t work up a tear, and I cry at Hallmark commercials.”

  1. becky Says:

    I’m more upset about Bill Mays….who can I trust to sell me stuff on TV now???? It gets me mad that the family is blaming the six different doctors where he went to get the drugs….they are calling them ‘enablers’….uh, HELLO, as concerned family members where were you….oh, that’s right, you were afraid he’d cut off your money, so you didn’t want to confront him either

  2. becky Says:

    the only celebrity who I ever cried about was Princess DI.

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    One thing about the Jacksons is they make some other families look “normal” by comparison. His father is just enormously disturbing.

    I worked myself up into a hysterical crying fit when Jim Croce died, but it was purely teenage angst and really nothing to do with him.

  4. eastlakecounty Says:

    And the media coverage of Michael Jackson’s death has been astounding. Even CNN has gone off the deep end.

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