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I love the word “atoll”. June 26, 2009

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That is all. 

No, not really. Do you really think I could stop talking that quickly?

 I have tons to say but since I forgot the camera cable I don’t want to talk about it until Ican put pictures with the stories.  Except I have to tell you that there’s a little bantam rooster in the WinnDixie parking lot who followed us around and practically posed for a photo shoot…I’d really like to bring him home.  The big roosters have spurs that totally intimidate me, but this little guy…his spurs are just sort of cute.

There is so much to love about Big Pine but I really don’t know how you can earn a living here if you don’t have a boat.

Joyce, if you’re reading, I have the GREATEST project for us!  Sandra, I found you something so cute!  Laina, I found the *perfect* thing for you! 

Maya is looking at a website of fake teeth.  I don’t really know why.  But she made a fabulous breakfast this morning so I’m letting it slide.


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