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I am just whack. June 24, 2009

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I just spent a few minute looking at some of my old entries because I realized I’ve got several months worth of junk here.  It is truly junk, isn’t it!  But it’s been fun and very useful and I’m building a small following which feeds my ego so nicely (Thanks, y’all!). 

I especially enjoyed reliving building the bee coop, since I’m going to build 2 more.  I’ve decided to build two so that I can have another and make the other a housewarming gift for friends who are moving into the area — I think I’ve convinced them that no pretend farm is complete without a beehive.  I may also see if they want a couple of our Wyandottes.  How cool is that?  In barely over a year, I’ve become confident enough to get someone else addicted to livestock.

It was also fun reading the Dixie in the Dust stuff, except I have to admit that I never finished my fifty pages, so Jim can breathe easy: he’s off the hook.

And the story I have to tell about the yearbook photo is so good it deserves its own entry. 

Thanks for being part of my blog!


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