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The Razor’s Edge June 22, 2009

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This are just a few random memories and thoughts with no editing done yet, just word vomit.  You might not want to step here.  🙂

There was this one evening when I was very young..Dad had grilled steaks.  This was back in the day when you had to score the fat around the outside of the steak so it’ wouldn’t curl up, and it was back far enough that fat wasn’t a bad word yet..Mom and Dad used to give us the fat.  OMG, we loved it.  So this one evening, before dinner, andI was young enough that Mom still cut my food when steak knives were one the table, for some reason, my dad was doing something with a razor blade, the flat kind that was wrapped in paper.  When he was done he told me to get a piece of paper so he could wrap up the blade.  I told him I’d take the blade to the trash and he said, no, you’ll cut yourself but I argued so he gave me the blade and guess what…I cut myself.  Nothing major, just sliced up my fingertips pretty good.  That may have also been the night I was playing baby bird with Mom and got such a huge mouthful of food that I couldn’t swallow it.  Good lord, what a strange childhood that sounds like. 

Magnifying glass at Foxhill Park, starting little micro fires with dry leaves. 

The pervert at the racetrack in Laurel

Goatman and Bunnyman

walking on the railroad tracks down behind the JMart back where the big kids got high

We always think it was safer when we were kids but there was plenty of danger and some of it came from people our parents trusted.

My sister once told me that when Daniel was born she felt as if she had finally surpassed my accomplishments (I didn’t have any real accomplishments at the time other than being married). That was the first time I realized she looked up to me.

Iran Iran Iran. I think of the Iranians I have known…by and large the most generous and welcoming people, with a few notable exceptions.  Wondering about my brother in law’s family and friends there.  Thinking of the amazing food (of course…I always think about the FOOD).  How do you sleep when you live in a city that’s full of demonstrations? What is really happening there and why is CNN relying so heavily on Twitter?  Even in the face of no information flow, should they be giving so much credence to Twitter?  And when did their anchors get so semi-hysterical?  I swear, it’s like watching Fox.  Coffee is ready.  Gotta go.


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