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The World Would Be No Fun Whatsoever Without Boys June 20, 2009

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And here’s why:

One day in recent history, two guys (it had to be two, I’m just positive of  it) were sitting around or maybe poking around in a garage somewhere talking about roasting marshmallows.  Together, they decided that what the world really needs is a super cool marshmallow roasting machine.

So they gathered up some scrap aluminum and built it.  This thing was used at several scouting events until the owner’s wife said GET RID OF IT and my husband bought it for $5.  I thought it was so cool I told him to give the guy another $5 because I feel like we stole it!

The eyes light up!

The eyes light up!

This is a pin that holds the marshmallow to the moving chain.

This is a pin that holds the marshmallow to the moving chain.

So you put your marshmallow on that pin and it moves through the Marshmallow Devil’s mouth and travels on back to where the fire is…it moves slowly so it cooks perfectly but doesn’t catch on fire because it’s too far from the coals.  In theory, anyway.  I haven’t seen this thing in action yet.
The marshmallow would be moving oward you on the top and away from you on the bottom.

The marshmallow would be moving toward you on the top and away from you on the bottom.

The tubes behind the horns hook up to a smoke machine!

The tubes behind the horns hook up to a smoke machine!

I’m sorry, I just think this thing is super cool.  And I’m not even crazy about marshmallows (although they are infinitely better after they’ve been roasted).  I am so glad Steve saw this and told the guy he wanted it. 
When he came home and told me he’d bought a marshmallow roaster I thought he had lost his mind, but as soon as I saw this in the guy’s driveway I understood exactly why he had to have it.  As a matter of fact, I’m not exactly sure how we’ve managed to live happily without it.

4 Responses to “The World Would Be No Fun Whatsoever Without Boys”

  1. Maya Says:

    And I can’t believe that you have it and HAVEN’T USED IT YET!!! Please crank it up immediatedly and report back. The smoke coming out of the horns is the perfect touch. I think you need to give the guy yet another $5 or invite him over every time you use this brilliant creation!

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      We don’t have a smoke machine (yet), so we’ll have to use our imaginations on that part. It’s TOO DAMNED HOT to crank it up now, but as soon as this strange weather pattern leaves us I’m off to Publix for marshmallows. 🙂 It’s too big to bring with us, darn it, because I think you and Vince are some of the few people who can properly appreciate this treasure. Just looking at it makes me laugh. You have to see it in person, Maya. When can you visit? Also, I think the guy’s wife should pay him $20 for not letting him keep it. And then pay Steve $20 for taking it. She should keep passing out those $20s until I tell her she can stop.

  2. becky Says:

    Holy crap! THAT is cool! When you get done with it….I know a certain young heavy metalist who would love it.

    Aren’t you afraid though that the Eustisoinans will report you for devil worship?

    I want to get one of those ass sculptures from the guy up in Seminole county. I give that lunatic credit, he doesn’t care how long they lock him up for, he’s sticking to his guns (or asses, as the case may be).

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      I wonder if we can make an ass that toasts marshmallows? Is that too disgusting? I haven’t heard about that guy so I’m off to visit The Google right now.

      Lake Countians are surprisingly mellow about devil worship if it involves marshmallows rather than human infants.

      (I am sure that those readers who know me personally will recognize the second paragraph as a JOKE, but just in case someone who doesn’t know me is reading: THE SECOND PARAGRAPH IS A JOKE. I’m serious about The Google thing, though.)

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