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Good Lord, it’s HOT, so the only thing to do is pray. June 20, 2009

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We’re under a heat advisory today.  I have a little sprayer going for the chickens — it took hours to get it right and Steve had to help.  He OFFERED to help, which I thought was remarkably sweet since we all know how much he hates my chickens.  Parker is nowhere to be found…seriously, she’s been gone since yesterday afternoon.  She’s not at the pound, I miss her, and I hope she comes home within the hour.

While it’s so hot and I’m inside, I’ve been doing some praying.  I’m praying for the people of Iran, for my friend’s daughter (just diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome) and for my nephew, who is in basic training.

Earlier this afternoon, I was reminded of why it is absolutely imperative that we have boys on this planet (no, not that, and get your mind out of the gutter because it’s crowding mine).  I’ll post a picture later.

Stay cool, my friends!  We mixed up a gallon of Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate and put it in the drink server thingy and it’s on the counter with the level steadily lowering.  That stuff is hella good.

That is all.


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