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The Stupid Thing I Did in Franklin NC June 11, 2009

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As I was making that last entry with the pictures, I looked out the window and it was POURING. No problem, except I had left the windows down on the car. And I have no idea how long it had been raining. So I ran out and closed the window…luckily I remembered the car key, unfortunately I forgot my room key. And I parked by the BACK door. So I need the room key to get back in the hotel. Some guy was standing at the door laughing because I was so clearly disgusted. He let me in and apologized for laughing…he felt so bad it made me laugh, too. At least I had propped the door open so I didn’t have to get a duplicate key from the desk. The nice thing about tiny places is you can have all that drama and still be back in your room within about 90 seconds.

This may change my plans of kidnapping Steve and hauling him off to a waterfall this afternoon. The rain has stopped but the inside of the car is SOAKED. And NOW the thunder starts. Sigh.


I just hope I don’t have to another one of these “stupid thing” entries tomorrow!


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