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Haiku for Eleven Thousand June 8, 2009

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Haiku, the old 5-7-5 that we loved in grade school…it’s a useful tool for focusing on what’s essential.  I was playing around with it this afternoon and came up with this.  It’s far from perfect but I like it.  I love the image of the citrus blossoms yearning for the bees even while I know that blossoms likely do not yearn. I think it needs one more haiku to complete it…something to tie the queen back to the joyful tumble of bees.  My writers group liked it so I’m confident enough to share.

Joyfully, my bees
tumble and fly from the hive
after the rainstorms.

On a mission, they
dance for their sisters to tell
a secret story

of nectar dripping
from waxy white blossoms
yearning for the bees,

of the jasmine wall
hanging heavy in my yard –
fragrant white heaven.

In the hive, the queen
treasures the beating wings that
temper the day’s heat.

Fresh honeycomb gleams
in the dark hive,
waiting for a royal visit.

Eyes on tomorrow,
ever looking forward, her
mind on her daughters.


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