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Coffee with The Cake Genius yields a great dinner June 4, 2009

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What’s better than a good friend, a great cup of coffee and a wonderful slice of cake? I can think of exactly two things. And I’m not writing about that here!

Sandra and I were at Olivia’s Coffee House this afternoon and we were lucky enough to overhear part of Olivia’s directions to Fred on what do do in the kitchen:

Crush the garlic and saute it in alot of olive oil (you just have to love someone who uses “alot” of olive oil). Put in the tomatoes and stir them around but don’t smash them up. Add a tablespoon of capers and a jar of artichoke hearts.

I don’t remember what else she said, but I stopped on my way home (at Winn Dixie of all places) and picked up artichoke hearts and chicken breasts (bone IN, thank you very much, they have so much more flavor that way). Then I made Olivia’s recipe without capers. Since Steve doesn’t like cooked tomatoes, I sort of squeezed the tomatoes into the skillet…lots of juice and seeds and pulp but no skin…it made a beautiful sauce to which I added a little cornstarch. This was a wonderful dinner.

When I went to the pantry to get spaghetti (because that would have been perfect) I was more than a little annoyed to find weevils in the spaghetti package. So we just had fresh snap beans and some good bread.

Dee. Lish. Us. If we had been in a restaurant I would have ordered coffee afterwards, that’s how good it was.

Oh, oh, oh! And in honor of The Cake Genius, I had a piece of coconut cake at Olivia’s…yummmmmmmmm.


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