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Busy as bees, all of us! June 3, 2009

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I noticed on Monday morning that the bees flying into the hive were laden with pollen…lots of pollen. This was reassuring and yesterday Steve helped me peek inside. There are three sheets of honeycomb! Beautiful stuff! The only problem is that instead of being built along the top bars, the combs are built across the top bars. I’ll figure out how to deal with this later, but for now I’m just relieved that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. I think I have a hard time believing that they can do this with no help from me. But they can!

Alex is in Boston visiting Josh. He’s graduating from MIT and she’s so proud she’s about to bust a button. She’ll be home late Saturday and so we’re planning a family day Sunday. We’ve had some really great family time lately so I’m looking forward to it, even though I know she’ll spend the entire day wishing she was with Josh (he’ll be flying back to Orlando with her).

Steve is getting excited because his new laptop will be here any day now. Business is good and he’s been doing some good networking lately. He makes me so proud. And then he makes me laugh.

I’m back on the Wii Fit and planning to get the Wii Active to supplement it (reviews for Active are even better than reviews for Fit, except for cheap resistance bands which are easy to replace). I love my Wii Fit. The yoga stuff really helps the arthritis in my neck — I try to pretend there’s no damage but sometimes I can’t fool myself. I’m hoping yesterday’s incident doesn’t aggravate it — I probably should have gotten checked out but it didn’t occur to me until this afternoon. I was hit hard enough to send the phone into the back seat (I was trying to see if Laina wanted a cup of that great Bananas Foster coffee from 7-11) and the trunk is pretty crumpled, but the lights all work so I’m going to keep driving the T-Bird because the mileage is so much better than the truck. The woman who hit me was waaaa-a-a-y more upset than I was.

A friend told me that if he ever gets rear-ended, his plan is to fall out of the car, start flailing like a fish out of water and then call his best friend, who is an attorney.

Went to see my buddy Shirley today…her tomato plants made me a little jealous until I remembered the pile of tomatoes on my kitchen counter. I think this fall I’ll plant a second crop and freeze tomato soup or sauce or something. The plants don’t look great but they’ve been very productive and now the Roma tomatoes are starting to produce. My basil is still providing more than I can use and the little thai hot peppers are such pretty plants that I almost hate to pick the peppers, except there are always more. I’m putting them in vinegar for Steve, and I’ll probably do the same for Laina when I fill Steve’s cruet.

Speaking of Laina, she’s got gloriosa daisies all over her yard! She was pulling them up today…so I have to get over there and get some of those. They would be gorgeous if I could get them established on the fence down front. Red chicken has destroyed my aloe planting outside the chicken run. She’s lucky I can’t eat something I’ve named because she is one destructive little girl. But awfully cute.

We’re getting ready for a mini-road trip up to Franklin, NC. Unfortunately, there’s not time for a leisurely drive but I think I’ll make a nice picnic dinner for the trip up. One time when we went to Maryland I made cream puffs and stuffed them with chicken salad. Yes, even when we travel I’m all about the food.

I had a really nice phone call from one of my board members yesterday, just delivering some reassurance after Monday’s really crappy meeting. Then I attended a very positive meeting where a community member said, “all these groups should really come together under the umbrella of the Chamber of Commerce.” I was really glad I was there to hear that because I almost left the parking lot when I saw the car of someone I really don’t want to deal with. So I awarded myself bonus points for the great level of maturity I showed by staying for the meeting. I was also able to talk about the Chamber’s role in promoting the community — not so much promoting like bringing people to town but promoting our events, providing opportunities for people to get together, advocating for the residents blah blah blah. This sort of thing makes up for disasters like Monday’s board meeting. I love my job but sometimes it does make me want to bang my head against the desk (or put my head on the desk and have a good cry).

Wow, can I ramble or what?


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