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Six More Hours… May 30, 2009

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…and I can take the fake smile off. My cheeks are tired of this nonsense.

But what a great morning I had…met a board member and some boy scouts at the library for a round of gutter cleaning…the boys worked really hard, did a great job and promised to come back next week with a pressure washer to finish. Also got the board member to realize the challenge I’m facing with the library building…I am not a property manager, I don’t “get” leaky roofs, and that responsibility has been so beyond my capabilities. So I think now I have a champion in the area of getting some help. That will take a huge load off my shoulders and free up some time for more membership stuff.

So now I just need to straighten up the back porch and get through this final committee meeting. Shoot, I stuck my arm in a box of bees, I should be able to handle this.


One Response to “Six More Hours…”

  1. Alex Says:

    You are doing sooooooo well in the next room. These are in our front yard!!! 😀 😀 😀

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