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In Which the Wordstress is Given Cause to Mutter May 29, 2009

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Ha ha ha. Like I’ve ever needed a reason to mutter…it’s entirely possible that I was born muttering.

Something was bothering the chickens. I went out to look but everything is okay…just 9 birds all freaked out in their coop. The little girls were sleeping but the big girls were not at all happy. I have no idea what happened but everything is fine out there now.

But of course, now there’s one sleepless Wordstress wandering around the house in a bleary eyed stupor. Coffee can’t be ready soon enough!

I tried to twitter about the incident but logged in to the WORK twitter account! I have just learned how to delete a tweet, thank goodness. I also managed to fix the problem with e-mail return messages at work. So I’ve been productive, just not coherent.

It’s Friday, though, and even though it’s going to be a busy weekend, I’m going to jumpstart it by not working all day today…I think I’m cutting out as soon as I complete one or two small projects that I don’t want to deal with next week.

I hope your day is off to a good start without any foxes, possoms, raccoons or who knows what else disturbing your poultry. What is that? You say you have no poultry? Oh, my friend, ur doin it rong. Or maybe not…who’s the one wide awake at 4:30 am?


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