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Several resolutions… May 28, 2009

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1. Elephants and great danes be damned — I won’t be the one making any phone calls to estranged family members. Iffen there’s going to be a joyful reconciliation (or any other kind) in the future, I think the whole world knows where to find me. And the rest could find me if they wanted to. Shoot, just wait for to run a free trial offer… 😉

2. I am going to build another bee hive and a few more earth boxes. Then in the spring I will order SIX pounds of bees and make Alex take the queen out of the box. Because it is a powerful feeling to stick your hand into a box of 11,000 bees and not get stung. I am going to remember this next time I have to do some public speaking. Also I’m surprised at how many people are allergic to bee stings.

3. Joyce at B&J Graphics is some sort of graphic genius. Sandra at By Special Request is a cake genius and her husband is a pipe genius. I am surrounded by genius.

4. Lampu is not the greatest Japanese steak house on the planet, but it is a fun place to go with a gang of friends. The cooks all use the same routine that feels a little stale, but they are so good natured that I think they can be forgiven.

5. I am reading a bio of Mark Twain. Like a friend of mine, Twain was a comic genius. But, also like this friend, he sometimes had extremely questionable judgement and was sometimes really mean. I was actually able to use this observation at lunch today which cracked me up because while I was reading yesterday I kept thinking, “wow, this part really reminds me of my friend.” So yes, if I had lived during the time of the Civil War, I might have been friends with Mark Twain. Follow that logic any further and you’ll get seasick.

6. Regarding schadenfreude – don’t ask. If you think you know, you’re probably right and I’m fairly certain word will get around without my help.


5 Responses to “Several resolutions…”

  1. Sandra Says:

    1. Thank God
    2. I swell up when stung by a bee, so I’ll pass even watching.
    3. I’ve called Bob alot of things, but pipe genius is a new one.
    4. Being good natured, gets you forgiven for a lot of things.
    5. I’m glad you’re not referring to me and being snarky.
    6. Love the word, love the meaning, with my german heritage should be able to pronouce it. Didn’t know I liked schadenfreude so much.

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    I wasn’t being snarky! Just saying that just because someone is a comic genius doesn’t make them loveable in every way at all times.

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    Also, Sandra…just keep being a good girl and don’t EVER give me a reason to be snarky about YOU. 🙂

    • Sandra Says:

      No I meant that when I don’t feel good, I am incrediable snarky, remember bob is walking around with no head. My smile turns into a snarl.

  4. eastlakecounty Says:

    Oh, Sandra, Sandra, Sandra. Don’t you get it yet? It’s not about YOU, it’s about ME! 🙂 Even though I’ve seen your snarky streak I guess I just find it so endearing I can’t see it as a negative.

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