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Well, Dammit. May 21, 2009

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Alex and I went out to the chicken coop this afternoon and found one of the Orpingtons dead in the temporary run I’ve kept the new girls in. I suspect my cat got her; I think if it was Parker the bird would have been pulled completely through the bars. Her neck and one wing were pulled through but the rest of her was in the run.

I know I’ve led a sheltered life where pets are concerned, but I’ve never dealt with anything sadder than a pullet that’s been mauled by another animal. The dumb thing is that we had the screen where the cat has been escaping fixed this afternoon.

We moved the temporary run in with the big girls (just in case it was Parker and not Sherb) and hosed out the dog house where the little girls sleep at night. I cleaned out their feeder which was pretty nasty after all the rain. As soon as everything is dry we’ll go put the doghouse back in with them. The remaining two are fine. They were scared to come out of the doghouse but once they did they immediately went back to scratching and pecking stuff.

Saturday morning I’ll go to the feed store and get some bedding and do a thorough cleaning of the coop. It’s pretty nasty in there.

You would think that a grown woman would be okay with a dead chicken now and then but it is really just awful.


One Response to “Well, Dammit.”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Sorry. I witness go after feral kittens and I know how angry and sad you are. “They are just doing what they do” does not make it any better.

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