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Of Margaritas and Faith May 21, 2009

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Yesterday, over mmmmmmmargaritas, my friend Kristi was telling me that I need to have faith in the people around me, that if I give up ownership of a specific project someone will step up and fill the space I leave…it might not be filled in precisely the way I would want it filled but if I just have faith and let someone fill it, it WILL get filled.

So I spent the time in between falling into bed and falling into sleep thinking about faith and praying for more.

This morning, after I fed the chickens, I wandered over to the bee hive to see if there was any activity. I did not see a single bee. My heart dropped down to where my shoes would have been if I was wearing them and I decided this was it…I had to take the temporary top off the hive and see if there were any living bees inside.

Oh, friends! The sight that greeted me! My bees are in a swarm hanging from the top bars. They are not dead, they’re just cold and as tired of the rain as everyone else. Just as I had hoped, bees know more about their survival than I do and this colony may thrive yet.

What a great reminder about faith…even when our faith is weak, it works. What a great reminder to me to heed Kristi’s words and start looking for the person who’s going to fill my space next month.

Now I feel safe showing their picture.

Now I feel safe showing their picture.

I suppose it is admitting my shallowness to say that my faith is greater now that I have seen my bees…but there it is. And I’m so grateful that I am loved by the one who will let me see the things I need to see to strengthen my faith in the things I can’t.

Not only that, but it’s NOT raining this morning!


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