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In Which the Wordstress Falsely Accuses Her Cat of Murder May 21, 2009

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Sherb did not kill the Buff Orpington pullet. It was a great big red tail hawk and the bloody bastard came back to try for another tasty treat but the big girls kicked up such a ruckus that Alex and I both went flying out the back door and scared it off.

I know it was probably really hungry after three days in which it was difficult to hunt, and maybe it was a mom hawk with nestlings and all, but it really needs to go find some possums or gophers or something and leave my girls alone.

I pulled the old canopy out of the shed, trying very hard not to notice the prehistoric dinosaur cockroaches sleeping inside. Steve and Alex helped me put it up on the frame. Now there is a very small overhead area left open and while the girls won’t have as much sun in their run, they’re much better protected and chickens don’t tan anyway. This may also help keep them a little cooler this summer.

I’m so glad Sherb did not kill my little pullet.


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