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Confession Time May 20, 2009

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So I didn’t limit myself to Diet Coke with lime. I had the real thing. Quite a few times. But I comported myself with my usual quiet dignity during the Friends of the Library meeting. While I was unable to convince myself to resign as secretary, I did not volunteer to be president. Well, okay, no one asked me to, but if they had asked I would have said no. I’m quite sure I would have said no. Really.

And now it’s almost Thursday which means the long, lovely three day weekend is almost here. Original plans called for a trip to Palatka for a crab festival with my buddy Laina but she has to work. So I guess it will be yard work, unless the rain continues. I DID see blue sky briefly today, even if it was down toward Apopka…it was enough to make me feel hopeful.

And I must say, this afternoon was one of the BEST meetings of the Sisterhood…except Joyce was too quiet. And Joanna left too early. And I drank too much. And Alex was elsewhere. Other than that, it was PERFECT. It is good to have a group of friends where we all “get” each other’s gripes and joys.

Speaking of joys, Sandra’s granddaughters were there…omg, are they cute or what? Someday I hope to have a grandchild…not next week, mind you, but someday. I hope with a fond hopefulness that is very hopeful. We’ll see what Alex decides.


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