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Here’s what’s new with the Wordstress… May 18, 2009

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Bee report: got them hived. Not doing well. I can’t believe how many are dead; I expected some losses but not like this. We’ll see how it goes; very heavy rain last night and today which won’t help, I’m sure. This is much worse than when the worm farm collapsed because I appreciate bees more than worms, I guess…I think bees may be more highly organized than humans in some ways and as Theresa pointed out, they just do what they need to do and don’t get all sidetracked by drama. I am certainly more attached to the bees than the worms…if this hive fails I’ll try again next year…I’ll order new bees the instant I’m sure.

Migraine Report: Second day of a moderate migraine. Worse this morning than yesterday. But there are things worse than migraine so I’ll quit bitching about it. You should be proud of me: I did not stay at work when I realized how bad it was going to get. I came home. I almost made it home before my migraine panic set in. That is truly progress, even if it’s just pathetic.

Pizza Challenge Report: it’s O-V-E-R. It was more successful than I thought it would be, it raised more money than I thought it would, and it was certainly a learning experience.

Meetings This Week Report: This afternoon, Florida Farmworkers. Tomorrow: B2B. Merchants Association. And I think the Sisterhood of the Traveling Margaritas meets but I’ll have to doublecheck because that might be next week. Wednesday: Merchants Association, Friends of the Library board. Thursday: OMG, no Pizza committee meeting! I’ll have to find something else to do. Friday: meeting with some folks to talk about “back to the land” type stuff. Not work related.

Personal Life Report: Still looking for it. I caught a glimpse of it Saturday afternoon but it disappeared again. This has been a definite point of prayer lately — I’ve got to regain some sense of balance because as much as I love the Chamber it’s a poor substitute for family and friends.

Kidlet Report: Alex is working again! She landed a plum position as a part time docent at the Mt. Dora Historical Society. In addition to coordinating a lot of the Ghost Tour stuff, she’ll actually be allowed the opportunity to curate some exhibits, so she is in hog heaven. Yesterday — yes, on SUNDAY — she had an interview at the Orlando Science Center which went very well, so we’re all hopeful. She just started a semester of all on-line classes, so working two jobs is do-able for the forseeable future, and this is her last semester of community college! Then she’s off to the Big UCF. I am very, very, very jealous and am actually considering taking the stupid GRE or GMAT or whatever the heck I’d have to take to get into a masters program. Oh, look! I just transformed the Kidlet Report into another Wordstress Report.

Must be time to stop.


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