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It’s Heeeeeere… May 1, 2009

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Well, today Florida confirmed its first two cases of Swine Flu and Governor Crist rightly declared a public health emergency. This declaration will allow Florida’s attorney general to take quick action to make resources available to slow the spread of the virus. Florida has also referred eight suspected cases of H1N1 to the CDC (Alachua, Orange, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties).

Dr. Ana M. Viamonte Ros said that two children, one in Lee County and on in Broward, have confirmed H1N1. The Broward County teen had
recently traveled to Mexico but there is no indication that the elementary school student in Lee County had traveled out of the US. Health officials in those counties will decide whether or not to close schools.

On the other hand, the CDC says the virus is NOT as deadly as first feared. The markers for virulence present in the 1918 virus are not present in today’s swine flu. The World Health Organization says this outbreak of flu does not present the danger of a pandemic and a vaccine will be ready in the fall.

All in all, I think this is good news. The sentinel physicians are doing their jobs and hey…you’re washing your hands often, right? It really will help prevent the spread of all kinds of germs…which means it’s a good health habit even when we’re not threatened with swine flu.

A flu information hotline can be reached at 800-342-3557.

I was asked by a good friend why I’m spending so much time on this if there’s no reason for panic…I told her it’s because I’m so highly annoyed by the panic of people who should know better. I mean to present reassuring information, and if this is NOT reassuring, I hope you’ll let me know. I’ll stop writing on this topic if it’s nor a force for sweetness and light. 🙂


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