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Glover Radio Network Rides Again! April 30, 2009

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Recently, Lake County lost a gem when WKIQ 1240 AM went off the air. It was really an unfortunate occurrence because Spencer Glover and his crew were building a great little local radio station…it was just a matter of the stars not lining up quite right. It was neat having a hometown station…they promoted local events and really displayed a heart for Eustis.
Listening to AM was nostalgic…that background hiss and crackle always reminded me of listening to Orioles games on my little transistor radio.

Spencer stayed upbeat even as he was moving his equipment into storage and today I got the message I’ve been waiting to hear: Starting May 11, you’ll be able to listen to Spencer and the gang again…now on the INTERNET! Just tune in and don’t miss a minute of the fun.

Here’s hoping Spencer will continue his emphasis on promoting the organizations and events in the local community.


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