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We’ve got to get ourselves back to the island! April 29, 2009

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May I just tell you that season IV of LOST was amazing. I have no freaking idea what’s going on, but I can’t stop watching. Of course, now I have to stop since we just watched the last episode of the season. So thus begins the long wait for the DVD of Season V. DARN! At least we have the special features left to watch.


2 Responses to “We’ve got to get ourselves back to the island!”

  1. becky Says:

    It remains amazing….and I still can’t figure out where it’s going. I quit looking at the blog site however, because I believe it was making me become mentally ill.

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    I want to do a “Lost Weekend” party…I have the first four seasons on DVD and will get the fifth as soon as it’s available. Of course, first we have to do the Rocky Horror party.

    This is almost as bad as the X-Files obsession from which I suffered some years ago. With X-Files, I collected trading cards, bought the comic books…I collected everything X-Files I could get my hands on. I don’t even know what I did with all that stuff…at one point, my trading cards were worth hundreds of dollars! I should have retired right then.

    I can’t deal with all the LOST websites…they just make me more confused.

    I feel so bad for Sun and Hurley. When Hurley looked at the odometer in the car his dad rebuilt for him and then freaked out and went running down the street, I nearly cried. He and his Dad connected for all of three minutes and then it was destroyed by those stoooooopid numbers.

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