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After the migraine… April 26, 2009

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Three gallons of Baltimore Crab Soup may be a little excessive, but who cares!

Three gallons of Baltimore Crab Soup may be a little excessive, but who cares!

When I finally manage to claw my way out from under an unmedicated migraine, I generally want to cook.

So this afternoon, I made a HUGE batch of Baltimore Crab Soup. I never had this soup until I met Laina. When she told me she was making crab soup with stew meat I thought she was either crazy or following an extremely eccentric recipe (because, after all, I know everything, right?).

But today I was looking up Chicken Foot Soup recipes and decided crab would be infinitely preferable to chicken feet, so I looked up Baltimore Crab Soup and sure enough, a recipe very similar to Laina’s popped up.

So I made a double batch, which should feed both my family and Laina’s for about 6 months. I swear, it’s got everything except chicken feet in it.

Poor Steve, I think he thought I was never going to cook again because he brought home a pizza. So I have mega-soup in the freezer and a pot in the fridge for tomorrow.

This compulsion to cook something marvelous is the only silver lining I can find in the cloud of migraine. That and the fact that they don’t last forever…it just feels that way in the middle of it.


4 Responses to “After the migraine…”

  1. may Says:

    Is there crab in it as well as stew meat?

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      You betcha. I didn’t post the recipe because if you google Baltimore Crab Soup you’ll get a bunch of recipes, and we all know soup recipes are ALWAYS tinkered with by the cook. Next time I will use all beef broth instead of bullion and tomato paste. I’ll also leave out the cabbage. I would have left it out this time but I had just bought a small head of cabbage and wanted to use it up.

      It was good soup. Not nearly as good as Laina’s, but passable for a first attempt and next time, after I tinker with it, I think I’ll have something I’m proud to put up next to hers. Come have some…Lord knows there’s plenty! 🙂

  2. Joyce Says:

    Is adoption an option? I’d be proud to be a part of either family, ‘specially if there’s a darn good Crab Soup in good supply.

    If adoption of a 49 year old woman is out of the question,

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    You know, Joyce, you could just come over for dinner…

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