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Random Thoughts April 23, 2009

Filed under: chickens,food supply,Second Saturday in Sorrento,This makes me laugh — eastlakecounty @ 6:36 pm

Thank goodness for this blog. I can dump all these random thoughts here and make room for new stuff in my poor little brain.

1: Second Saturday has a new produce vendor. With the closing of Become Eco, McGuire Grove no longer felt they would be stepping on toes to come out to Sorrento, so we’ll have some lovely squash, citrus, and whatever else is growing in their garden. This is produce that’s even more local than Become Eco offered, and while it’s not certified organic, Chip says he hates pesticides and doesn’t even really like to use commercial fertilizer because it’s so expensive. He says his dog ate all the snow peas…and he told me how to cook beet greens so I’m going to give it a try.

2: Little Red, our current escape artist chicken, was chasing a squirrel in the backyard just now. No kidding. I wish I had a video camera because I know noone is going to believe this.

3: There was a baby bunny in the next door neighbors yard. He was awfully cute, but if he gets into my earth boxes I’ll have to have bunny pot pie for dinner.

4: If you pray, please pray for Maya’s Mom. Pray for Maya, too. Pray for the doctors to get a diagnosis and not be horse’s asses. That’s my job.

5: This morning I was thinking about a project I worked on about 10 years ago and an attorney who helped me get it going. Then this afternoon I noticed that she had commented on one of my Facebook friends’ posts, so I sent her a message. She said it was funny that I had messaged her today because she was called upon for a very similar project TODAY. How cool is that! Seriously, I’ve never spoken to this woman other than the project we worked on so long ago. And all of a sudden, she shows up, I message her and she’s been working on that same sort of project just today! We also agreed that our Facebook Friend Scott must have more facebook (and real life) friends than anyone else we know.

6: Original, Spicy and Extra Crispy are growing fast. It is much easier dealing with three chicks than eleven. For one thing, I can keep them in a much smaller (easier to move around) cage. They like playing outside but cannot yet chase squirrels because, of course, they are caged birds. Soon they will be applying for scholarships and getting drivers licenses growing combs and wattles. Ha. Soon like 12 weeks from now.

7: Do you think it’s strange that I have the first egg the girls laid? I kept it because they laid it on the morning after election day, thereby proving their brilliance. Also we waited so long for that egg that to eat it would have seemed disrespectful. What’s the oddest sentimental thing you have?


5 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. becky Says:

    won’t that egg get rotten????

    I remember my lost experience with a rotten egg.
    I was about 18, and I came to Florida to see my brother.
    He, being the dutiful and cool older brother, took me out drinking. When I got home at 3 am, I was craving chocolate. No chocolate to be found, I decided to bake brownies. Oven on, brownie mix in the bowl….I cracked THE EGG. The experience of THAT SPOILED EGG will forever be lodged in my brian! Needless to say, I went to bed drunk, and disappointed.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      Going to bed drunk and disappointed is very, very sad but having a cool older brother is a gift.

      Hey, Becky, I still have your HUGE white bowl. We need to get together!

      I have the egg wrapped up in paper towels in a zip lock baggie to keep it cushioned. The insides have nearly dried up and soon it will rattle when you shake it. But yes, if the shell ever breaks, I guess we’ll have to find a new place to live because it will be VERY stinky.

      Whenever I think of rotten eggs, I think of Templeton in Charlotte’s Web.

  2. maya Says:

    Pam, Pam, Pam, chickens cannot drive because they don’t have pockets to carry a wallet to hold theor drivers’ license.

  3. maya Says:

    I swear I can spell. Their.

  4. eastlakecounty Says:

    And THAT, my dear, is why a properly dressed chicken never leaves home without a bag that matches her shoes.

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