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Bethany is a Winner! April 21, 2009

Filed under: chickens,Contest — eastlakecounty @ 10:32 pm

Okay. Bethany wins the contest! The two Buff Orpingtons are Original and Extra Crispy and the Astrolorp is Spicy.

Bethany, my friend, I can’t wait to join you out by the run for some quality Chicken TV time.

And just so everyone knows, the chicks are sleeping in half a Sociables cracker box. The three of them cram themselves in there (lots of room side to side but no head room at all) and then peep for an hour or so and then they finally fall asleep. But they wake up several times each night and peep for about 20 minutes…I don’t know what that’s all about.

You might think that these chickens must be sleeping pretty close to my bed since I know their sleeping habits so well. I can neither confirm nor deny this theory. I will only say that my chickens are spoiled rotten.


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