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Well, dammit. April 17, 2009

Filed under: food supply,garden — eastlakecounty @ 7:01 am

So last night I was all like “isn’t the world a wonderful place la la la” and sure, the world IS a wonderful place, but it’s not even 8:00 as I write this and I’ve already had a piece of crappy news that makes me really sad.

Become Eco is temporarily (I HOPE) closing, so no more glorious produce deliveries. I am utterly bummed. I’m going to paste a smile on my face since I’m getting my picture taken at lunch time, but wow, I’m really not happy about this. Phil and Heather and Rebecca are so nice and so proud of their work and I really thought they were on to something wonderful…I still think that. It’s just the rest of the wonderful world that needs to catch up.


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