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In Which Chicklets Cheer Up The Wordstress – And Another Fabulous Contest! April 17, 2009

Filed under: chickens,Contest — eastlakecounty @ 9:25 am

Two Buff Orpingtons and one Black Astrolorp. Cuter than words can say but I don’t have my camera with me so you’ll just have to use your imagination until this evening. My flock is back to an even dozen now. Try to contain yourselves.

I am listening to them peep-peep-peeping right now and am very grateful they are small chicks and not sandhill crane chicks.

Next contest? Names for my new girls. The prize? Um…oh, I know! I’ll pull one of the chairs out to the run and you can enjoy 60 minutes of complimentary Chicken TV.


3 Responses to “In Which Chicklets Cheer Up The Wordstress – And Another Fabulous Contest!”

  1. becky Says:

    Sasha, Malea, and Michelle of course…..and ….hmmmmmm…..should it be Barack or Bo when you get the rooster?

  2. Sandra Says:

    Two Buff Orpingtons should be Buffy and Oparh and one Black Astrolorp might be Astro. Not very original but easy to remember.

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    I had already considered naming my chickens after the Obamas! Seriously, while I was brushing my teeth this morning. But since the Obama family has a bee hive and not a chicken coop, I’m going to name the first hive Barack, the second Michelle and then we’ll see what happens. I can’t imagine having more than two bee hives but who knows.

    Buffy and Oprah and Astro! That has potential. I was thinking Astro, Judy and Elroy, but Alex didn’t get the reference…she is entirely too wet behind the ears some days.

    And this reminds me that I haven’t put up any baby pictures yet so let me go get the camera.

    The astrolorp is several days older than the Buff Orps…and she is LOUD. She has a very insistent chirp. The little buffs hang out in the envelope box huddled up together to keep warm. I really don’t want to buy a heat lamp so I guess I’ll find a smaller box for them to sleep in and put them in the bedroom at night, just for the first week. I’d hate them to get chilled.

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