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GET OVER IT. April 17, 2009

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A County Commissioner spoke at Chamber Alliance today. A good portion of his talk was spent dissing our former school superintendent (who deserves it but has been gone long enough that she doesn’t need to be discussed any further) and accusing Obama of being a socialist. I was very proud that I was able to hold my tongue and not leave the table, but I think I huffed at one point because Steve shifted in his seat like he thought he might have to restrain me.

Overall, though, I’m surprised at how much of the other stuff the Commissioner said made good sense.

Now if he can learn to respect the president, won’t that be a wonderful thing! After all, I may have said some ugly things about Dub, but not in public forums (fora?).


3 Responses to “GET OVER IT.”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hmmm. I wonder how the commissioner felt about the shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist? Recognizing that the shoe must fit (hyuk) the crime, if he was saying “socialist” as a dirty word, to me those things are in the same vein. Throwing a shoe and slinging an insult are different degrees here, but if this PUBLIC OFFICIAL is in a huff, I don’t see how badmouthing the president is effective, polite, or respectful to any of his constituents who voted for Obama. And since the SoE website says 42.84% of the county did just that…

    Dissent is alright by me; it has to be allowed. I want the same right to say so when something isn’t going my way. That part’s not tricky, which is nice ground. And I guess it has to be acknowledged that politicians are better informed than I am about these things, and probably have better reason to make statements. But it’s disrespectful and certainly doesn’t win someone points in my book. Being ugly is just ugly. It’s pig!

    • Alex Says:

      Totally missed the connecting point there: To me, little “socialist” jabs read like cheap, stupid, inaccurate shots. What is this commissioner doing to make the situation any better? Essentially badmouthing the guy behind his back? Did he discuss any policies or suggest alternatives?

      Now I’m going to try to get over it like your post title mentioned. :>

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    Ha ha, like mother, like daughter.

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