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Just Two Things Today (and a mini contest!) April 16, 2009

Filed under: chickens,Contest — eastlakecounty @ 5:51 pm

1. Why are there days when it seems like everyone comes to check on The Wordstress Blog and entries from February are pulled up and viewed in April, and then there are other days when no one checks in? It’s odd. And the searches that result in visits from strangers…one search that found me was “things that fall on your foot” or something like that…

2. As crappy as the first part of this week was (other than girl time), I’m glad I didn’t invest hours in detailing all of my angst because this afternoon was really really really nice. A business acquaintance/friend that I’ve been worried about is going to land on his feet and I got some confirmation today that a bad situation is NOT about me and hey, tomorrow is Friday.

3. I know, I said just two things but this one is too good not to add to the list. I went to the feed store today to get feed (imagine that!) for the girls and O M G. They had a feed trough full of couple-of-day-old Buff Orpingtons (Alex’s favorite chicken) and Black Astrolorps (one of the chickens in the book KEEP CHICKENS is a B.A.). And the best part is there is no minimum purchase AND the roosters are marked. Maya, if you are reading, please know that I have not yet purchased any new girls, but my resolve is weakening. Just three, how bad could it be?

NOT 4. I’m not numbering this because it’s just for you! It’s the first The Wordstress Blog contest!!!!! Look, you guys, the first one to post telling me whether to buy them or not wins. If you say no, I won’t get them. If you say yes, I’m getting them tomorrow (assuming there are still 3 pullets available).


4 Responses to “Just Two Things Today (and a mini contest!)”

  1. Sandra Says:

    No brainer……If it makes you happy; add to your flock.

  2. maya Says:

    And their names are????

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    Go here: for an update. Final decision will be made this afternoon.

    Whatever they’re named, they’re really super cute. Nearly as cute as PowerPuff Girls (we already used those names, darn it!)

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