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Hopefully Devoted April 14, 2009

Filed under: relationships,writing — eastlakecounty @ 12:12 pm

Yesterday I completed writing a devotional, just one page of what could someday be something more. The Muse Group was meeting at my house, and since I’ve dropped Dixie in the Dust I needed to write something quickly. A single devotional seemed like a good thing to try since a) it’s something I’ve been wanting to do, b) they are generally fairly short and c) it rolled onto the page with a will of its own.

When I was done, I knew there were a few small problems but overall I’m pretty pleased. I’m not publishing it here for a few days but the gist of it is that God is in the beehive. Immediately after finishing, I was nearly bowled over with a rush of “God is in…” statements. So here are some future devotional topics: God in the Chicken Coop. God in the Peppers and Tomatoes. God in the Compost Heap. God in the Ear Tree. God in the Lemongrass.

This isn’t being flip. These are places where I’ve met with God and I think people can relate to finding him in all the places they routinely hang out.

So anyway, I’m really excited and hopeful about this project. It’s a wonderful reminder that my life is unfolding according to plan — even if the plan is not my own.

As an aside, if you want to write but aren’t in a writers group, you’re cheating yourself. The Muse Group is amazing and motivating and even if we didn’t all write, I think we’d still maybe hang out together. Also, my friend Theresa shared a poem that was so raw and real I am still in awe of what she put on paper. I have known this woman for something like 15 years and she just continues to shock me…talk about still waters running deep!


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