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Well, THAT was strange! April 6, 2009

Filed under: relationships — eastlakecounty @ 6:49 am

Yesterday at Kristi’s birthday party, Laina made a passing comment about the Eastern Shore (of Maryland). I walked up on the tail end of the conversation but we smiled at each other because we’re both proud Maryland Girls and have been plotting a crab feast since we met.

Then when I got home I saw the Maryland state flag that Laurie got me when I mentioned in passing one day that I really loved my home state flag.

And this morning I woke up homesick for a place I couldn’t get away from fast enough. I miss the deep green of summer leaves against bark that’s wet from a thunderstorm and I miss the field of wildflowers I used to pass on the Metrobus on my way to PGCC. I miss romping in Foxhill Park and figuring out how I’d find my way out if I ever got lost in the woods. I miss the pocketknife I bought from the office supply store in the shopping center across from FreeState Mall when I decided I was going to collect sea shells. I miss Allen’s Pond before it was all developed and I miss Dad’s homemade root beer (even though it was way too yeasty). I miss old friends and good fun and even some of the trouble I got into. I miss sitting in the trees on Belair Drive. I miss walking to the library and coming home with too many books to carry. Fireflies, too, I miss those. I miss my brother and sister. I miss the blackberry bushes that grew behind the junior high school and I even miss when I tried to learn to play tennis.

Crikey, my heart is holding a boatload of homesickness this morning and it’s not the sweet kind. On the continuum of bitter to sweet, it’s heavily bitter. I think I need to have another cup of coffee and get to work.

But first here’s a prayer for every soul who longs for home — may we get there some day and find it sweeter than anything we can imagine here.


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