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Singing the Praises of Wii Fit April 5, 2009

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O. M. G.

Alex and I have really wanted a Wii and we were saving laundry money, egg money, change from the car, whatever we could to get one. The Wii Jar lived on the windowsill in the laundry room and the number of bills and the level of coins was slowly, but steadily, rising.

We really wanted a Wii system because we have heard so many people raving about Wii Fit. Steve, who will move heaven and earth to make sure I have all the toys I really want, moved heaven and earth and got me the Wii system for my birthday. It came with Wii Sports, two Wiimotes and one nunchuk. We have had a blast with it — and by we, I mean Alex and I. Steve won’t come near the darned thing.

The day after my birthday, I took our Wii Jar money and got a wireless router so we can hook up Wii to the internet and play Animal Crossing with complete strangers, got another nunchuk (that’s Wii talk for a super special remote), paid some small bills and started saving again for the Wii Fit.

In the meantime, Alex and I have played Wii Sports until, perhaps, we could take real golf clubs and embarrass ourselves in the real world. Her boyfriend took pity on us and lent us some other Wii games so we don’t spend all our time on the golf course or in the boxing ring (does it surprise you to learn that I really LOVE boxing as long as the opponent is electronic?).

On Friday, Steve came home with a Wii Fit!!! So now I can get Animal Crossing, too! Ha ha.

But here’s the thing: Wii Fit is A M A Z I N G.

I started with Yoga because, I mean, how hard could that be, right? The answer is: VERY hard. My balance is rotten, my body strength is rotten, and just holding a simple half moon pose stretched my endurance to the limit. Trying to keep the little red dot that indicates my center of balance in the yellow circle that represents the ideal zone is really, really hard! I was sweating! But I’m already improving (probably mostly because I’m learning how to use the system, I know, but it’s highly motivating anyway).

This morning I got up, did several yoga poses (I believe the Wii version of the Sun Salutation is abbreviated, but it’s still nice), did some aerobics, did some strength training, some balance work, and whatever else the thing offered up to try.

As you progress, it offers new games and exercises, and increases the time or repetitions or difficulty so that you’re constantly pushing yourself. It measures your weight, BMI, balance, computes a fitness age for you…it offers fitness tips, you can choose your trainer…it’s just as wonderful as we’d heard. Here’s how amazing this thing is: I have actually RUN three days in a row. Just ask Steve…he’s been trying to get me moving for years, so the fact that I’ve been running is simply incredible.

I don’t know how they fit all that technology into such a small package, but I’m glad they did. Soon I will be a strong, toned well-balanced Yogi.

Looking for a picnic basket, no doubt.


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