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A couple of things… April 5, 2009

The people who invent viruses (virii?) and trojan horses and worms and such suck. If you (not you, reader, this is hypothetically directed at evil code writers) have that much intelligence, why don’t you try to make the world a better place instead of mucking up my computer so that every time I try to use the Google I get redirected? Do you really think I’d buy something from a page I didn’t want to visit? Jeez.

The people who write code and spend great amounts of time explaining how to use the code to clean up your computer are unsung heroes.

Okay, now that THAT’S off my chest…

We have had some beautiful watermelon already this year. Today Alex was cutting one up and it smelled so good it was like a candle burning or something. I couldn’t believe that much fragrance could come from fresh fruit on the counter. Yay, Become Eco…another great produce week. I am thoroughly enjoying the radishes, too…eating radishes reminds me of my Dad and that always makes me smile.

Our friends Botch and Laina gave me some gorgeous portobello mushrooms and Kristi gave me some, too. So we had magnificent mushrooms tonight. I sauteed them with olive oil, marsala wine and worcestershire. Oh, and just a touch of butter. They were pretty good.

So even though the computer got a virus, I managed to get it cleaned up and make a decent dinner.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KRISTI, the best Pampered Chef consultant ever. What a great party, and I’m seriously jealous of your back yard!


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