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Caney Creek – I want to know more! March 25, 2009

Filed under: writing — eastlakecounty @ 12:22 pm

Today I found out that has an annual writers competition, and so I went and downloaded an excerpt of one of the quarter finalists. Folks, this is god stuff!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy it and write a review. Just go to and search for “Leaving Caney Creek”. You’ll be offered a correction to “Candy Creek” but that’s not what you’re looking for. To download, you need to sign in to Amazon, but it’s free, and will download 14 pages.

Knowing how great it makes me feel when someone enjoys a piece I’ve written, I know the author would appreciate your favorable review. Won’t you take a few minutes to do this mitzvah? The answer, in case you’re wondering, should be “yes”. Please don’t make me put another entry in “The Wordstress is Steamed”. I’m just not up to it today. 😉


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