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In which a Golden Laced Wyandotte outsmarts my zip tie system. March 12, 2009

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Although Janis has not managed an escape since Alex and I zip tied the heck out of her escape route, one of the Goldens is now making a daily trip out of the run and into the yard. It is amazing how much damage one small yardbird can do in a large yard. The wyandottes are very shy. They will run up to the fence when we walk up, but they don’t want to be picked up or held. They really don’t even like being petted much. Fortunately, our new escape artist, like Janis, is perfectly happy to go back into the run when we open the door for her.

I wonder…is tossing mulch into swimming pools an activity universally loved by chickens or is it just the Jennelle Poultry who enjoy it?

OOPS! Just realized that the coop isn’t shut…


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