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Mac and Cheese can be enough. March 8, 2009

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Don’t tell me God doesn’t take care of us when we’re hurting. When I took my mac and cheese to Paula the day after Rod died, I spent the whole trip over to her house pondering my covered dish (yes, I know…leave it to me to make it ALL about me, right?).

Mac and cheese is always my response to death — I immediately start thinking about how much cheese I may or may not have in fridge. There’s something about it that calms me. It buys me a little time before I have to be prepared to face someone who has just lost a loved one and it’s also reassuring to follow the same steps every time. I grate the cheese intentionally, filling it with prayers for comfort and with my memories of the person who has died. This little time of focus helps me pull my thoughts together so I can think of something to say to someone who is facing the loss.

But on this particular trip, my mac and cheese felt just plain insignificant. There was absolutely nothing different about the way I made it and I was perfectly confident that it would be at least enjoyed if not welcomed, until I got in the car. Then I started wondering…and you know how suddenly something very simple starts looking really earth-shatteringly stupid? Yeah, well, I started thinking about how someone in the family might be lactose intolerant, how I haven’t seen Paula in over a year and maybe she hates me, how their daughters don’t know me at all and maybe they will think I’m being presumptuous…all sorts of wild thoughts were making me feel like perhaps I should just turn around and go back home. Then, of course, the street I needed to find wasn’t where I thought it should be…by the time I called Steve to ask him to google the address I was nearly in tears and sure that anyone in the Parkison family who wasn’t lactose intolerant would have a gluten allergy.

Finally I got to the house. A quick prayer in the driveway for the right words to say and then Paula, seeing the dish of macaroni and cheese said she’d been thinking about mac and cheese all day! Not only that, but Barry and Claire were going to bring over a ham! Oh, God is just so amazingly good and sometimes he answers prayers nearly instantly…we just have to remember to ask.

I’ll never wonder about mac and cheese again. This simple comfort food can, indeed, provide a measure of comfort and in this particular case, it fit right in with what other people were doing to provide comfort.


2 Responses to “Mac and Cheese can be enough.”

  1. Theresa Durrant Says:

    Hi, Pam
    I laughed when I read this mac n cheese story. We had a worship team party last night, and I thought, hey, mac n cheese would be a wonderful side dish to Melissa’s ham. Apparently everyone else had the same idea, and there we had it…four mac n cheese dishes! And…Paula came to share the evening with us…so…I bet she’s had her fill of mac n cheese.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts online with all of us. It gives me inspiration, the hope that I, too, am not the only one who gets those “crazy making” thoughts in her head, and the idea that I just might start my own blog to keep the writing juices flowing!
    Love you,

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      So here’s my next blog topic: Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH mac and cheese?

      The blog is great for keeping the writing juices flowing…I can’t say I’ve produced anything of value, but it’s fun and it keeps me in the frame of mind of “oh, I could write about that!”

      Most likely, I’ll refer to old entries and use them as jumping off points. I can definitely see the mac and cheese becoming something good, and some of the other stuff has potential. I don’t have the discipline at this point to WORK them.

      But at least I’m writing! 🙂 is fabulous…this entire blog is free and designed using their simple tools. The hardest part was the weather report. I think that’s why I’m so tickled with it. 🙂

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