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In Which Janis is, at last, Contained March 6, 2009

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My little escape artist, Janis, is now confined to the run with the rest of the chickens. Alex caught her in the act of escaping yesterday and we’ve sealed up the leak. A run that leaks chickens means lots of mulch in the pool, eggs laid in secret little hidey holes where they may never be found, little seedlings torn from the earth by greedy beaks, and all other sorts of nonsense. Knowing that Janis’ reign of terror is at its end is very, very nice.

Yesterday, Janis was wandering out in the yard after escaping for the nineteenth or twentieth time of the day. Alex decided that enough is enough, so she gathered up the wayward Janis, tossed her back in the run and then camped out to wait and see how that determined girl was getting out.

The gate for the run is made of a PVC frame covered in chicken mesh. The mesh overlaps since it is not wide enough to cover the entire width of the PVC frame. That darned chicken was getting in between the overlapping mesh (it’s about an 18″ overlap!) and just walking right out. We solved the problem with zip ties (they hold the entire run together) and Janis is a little frustrated but I think she’ll recover.

Steve will be relieved because he won’t have to scoop as much mulch out of the pool and there will be less . . . less . . . well, chicken poop tracked into the house. Alex will be relieved because she loves gathering eggs from the coop even more than I do and now there will be one extra egg to gather. Parker will be relieved because Janis had developed quite a taste for Parker’s dog food and Parker, sweet girl that she is, will share until the last bit is gone. I will be relieved because I still worry about hawks, but my willful spirit feels a little sorry for our tiny runaway chicken.


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