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As if There’s Not Enough to Feel Guilty About (or, Yes, We ARE All That) March 6, 2009

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If you ask me what kind of TV I like, my immediate response is, “Oh, you know, I just don’t watch that much TV.” When you hear those words cross my lips, I hope you will just sit back in your chair and laugh really loud and long.

I like to think I don’t watch a lot of TV, but left to my own devices I will happily watch “What Not to Wear” (I can’t help it, I love Stacy London!), “How do I Look,” “Clean House” (I want to be Niecy Nash when I grow up), and just about anything on the Comedy Channel except movies. Oh, and the VH1 “decade” shows. And now, another guilty pleasure…”Cash Cab.”

Alex and I will happily park out fannies in the living room and watch as many hours of this drivel as the Discovery Channel is willing to dish up (please notice how I am shamelessly very nearly blaming Alex for this new fascination). It makes us feel brilliant. We have decided to take a vacation to New York City just so we can get on the Cash Cab. Because we would totally win. Even the hundred dollar questions could not stump us. And, YES, thankyouverymuch, we will take the Video Challenge and defeat it, thereby doubling our money. By the time we’re done with Ben Bailey, we may have won enough money to buy dinner in the Big Apple.

For example, we both know that a scorpion is not a beast of burden (seriously, how on earth can three women in the same cab ALL not know that a scorpion is not a beast of burden?). Alex knows that a) Bath is the English city where the hot spring became a resort for ancient Romans and b) that mixology is the name for the study of mixing alcoholic beverages. I know that that the animal in the video challenge was a badger and that the elephant’s sinus cavity might have been the inspiration for the Cyclops. Yeah, baby, between the two of us we could win some serious money.

As Alex said last night, “Why can’t there be a cash cab in Eustis?” I think it would be cool to take the Cash Cab from Olivia’s Coffee House up to Cash Cab South, anyone?


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