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Locally grown veggies are amazing. March 1, 2009

Sorry, everyone, but I have to do another food post before I do the GeorgeFest update. Don’t start tapping your foot like that, you know it just makes me dig in my heels and procrastinate further.

On Friday we got our second delivery from bECOme (don’t forget, I’ve got a link over there on the right side of your screen). More little radishes, some grape tomatoes (talk about flavor…if you’ve never tried grape tomatoes you need to. Go get some right now and let me know what you think. Then finish reading), beautiful white potatoes, a watermelon, 4 carambola, tomatillos, broccoli, a sweet little head of leaf lettuce, red cabbage, and a ton of other stuff.

Can I just say that we are all looking forward to trying homemade salsa made with those tomatillos? I’ve always wanted to try them but never had the nerve, and now here they are, right in my refrigerator.

On a side note, I’ll also be trying duck eggs very soon. A friend of mine has a pair of ducks that give him these huge eggs. He says they’re great for baking…I think I’ll just scramble them. The ducks are almost as cute as my chickens, but not quite.


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