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Counting Blessings (the “and” entry) February 27, 2009

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Can you count to infinity? I’m pretty sure the way to get there is to start counting blessings.

1. Of course, the ultimate blessing is he from whom all blessings flow. I am so grateful that God is at work in my life and that he has provided a way back to himself and that he created this marvelous wonderful world for us and that he is love and loves us so much.
2. I am so grateful that Steve is my husband and that we love each other. I grumble about everything, including Steve, but my life would be in the tank without him. His patience and wisdom and strength and understanding of how things work and forbearance and sense of humor and dimples are just a few of the things I love about him. I’d go on but then we’d all have to blush and I’d like to avoid being the source of too much blushing.
3. I am so grateful that Alex is my daughter and that she is as stubborn and headstrong and smart and witty and funny and quick thinking and creative and beautiful as she is.
4. I have been blessed with outstanding friends. I’m not even going to name one because then I’ll feel obligated to list them all and — LUCKY ME — that would take a really long time. But here are some of the things I love about my friends: they explain things to me, they confirm that I’m on the right track (and when I’m not they set me straight), they can be so sweet it makes my teeth hurt but they can also be really snarky, sarcastic and nasty when that is called for, they love me and would fight for me if I needed them to, they put up with all my foolishness, they are compassionate, I see Christ in them every day (yep, even those among you who think Jesus is a fairy tale) and yet they are achingly human, they are generous, they challenge me, they tell funny stories, they tell sad stories, occasionally they tell a boring story but I’ll listen anyway because we all know I’ve been guilty of that (exactly ONCE, okay?), they forgive me, they accept my forgiveness, they insist that I stand up for myself when I start bashing myself but they also insist that I not behave like an ass. And more. I love you!
5. I am so grateful for living in a country that is free and where I am safe, and I’m grateful for those who work — in the military, in government, in schools, hospitals and more — to keep it that way.
6. I am so grateful for my education.
7. For my job.
8. For the communities I serve.
9. For my parents who taught me to love words, books, and so much more.
10. For the opportunity to outgrow my childhood and become who I am today.
11. For the opportunity to keep getting better! And the certainty that one fine day, perfection will be granted to me in a way I can only imagine.
12. For having the kind of life where when someone asks me if I can take in two homeless ducks I only have to think a minute before I say yes.
13. Etc., etc., and etc.


2 Responses to “Counting Blessings (the “and” entry)”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Pam, though I now realize I have become a big whiner about my life’s situations, my move to Lake County and everything in general….your blog makes me realize all the beautiful and wonderful things that have happened to me. I will try to stop and smell the roses and be grateful for my friends and family. In that order. God has blessed me and I need to appreciate everything He has sent me. I hope I am one of your friends. Thank you. I hope I am one of your friends. Thank you.

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    Sandra, I should have added to the list “and they feed me champagne cake while making wearing the Bonny Queen Crown look easy” on the list. Of COURSE you’re my friend!

    One of the problems with lists is that there’s always someone who gets left off…the more I look at my list the more I can add to it. It’s a great exercise when you’re feeling more stress than you’d like. 🙂 One of the things I left off is laughing about plastic babies.

    Yes, you’re my friend, and I love you! Hope you’ll be somewhere at GeorgeFest today!

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