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An exciting day from breakfast to dinner. February 27, 2009

Today started with a breakfast quite unlike any other I’ve ever had — with my husband and an ex-fiance. He’s been headed home all day and while I was uncertain in the beginning I’m glad we had the chance to visit, even though the visit was brief. There’s more to say, of course, but I want to process this a little further before I commit myself to this virtual paper. The one sort of funny thing is that I was so uncomfortable during breakfast that I really couldn’t even enjoy myself until Russell got in his car and drove off…then I realized that I had forgotten about his quirky sense of humor and that I really did enjoy visiting.

Busy day at work…finished the draft budget and agenda, worked on the stuff I need to finish for the CiCi’s Pizza Challenge and got some Second Saturday stuff done.

Stopped to look at a chicken coop that I thought I’d be able to bring home, but the darned thing is HUGE. I’ll go after it tomorrow. Larry and Laina have an interesting life and I always seem to benefit when I see them. Thanks, you guys! I’ll be able to double my flock with the additional coop/run space!

Stopped at Wal*Mart for shopping cart decorations for the big shopping cart race at GeorgeFest tomorrow. Then went to the Cheap Chinese Joint and we all ordered dinner…and shopped a little more at Big Lots while dinner was being prepared.

Is there anything better than roast pork egg fu yung? Sure there is, but that’s not the point. It was a terrific dinner, that’s what I’m getting at here.

Then after dinner I printed off some IRS-looking papers to decorate the shopping cart with. Steve and Alex are busily taping calculators to t-shirts…it will be a fun morning.

All in all, a very satisfying day. I don’t know the last time I was up until 11:00!


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