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Blessings to you, Pastor Rod Parkison February 24, 2009

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I received disturbing news when I got home today. Pastor Rod of Westside Community Church in Apopka passed away today.

Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store and get the fixings for my world famous “grown up mac & cheese” and take to Paula and the family. But tonight, I’m thinking about how much Rod loved them.

I know this because of conversations I shared with him about my own family. I understand how he loved his daughters because that’s how my Dad loved me, and when Rod spoke of Rebekah and Rachel, I heard my own Dad talking about me…the worry, the love, the faith that I would be okay. Rod helped me understand the love of a father for his daughter…I couldn’t see it with my own Dad…much too close, but Rod could articulate it for me.

I have a piece of art Paula made. It’s a beautiful collage with this phrase: When we understand that God has called us individually, by name, it profoundly alters the way we live. Rod helped me really understand that I had been called like that, individually…that God waited until he was ready for me and I was ready for him, and that I now enjoy a freedom in Christ that I could never have imagined for myself before that call.

I know he’ll be missed, but I also know he’s at perfect peace now and right where he has always hoped to be. May his family find peace this first night without him and may they find comfort in God’s promises to them.


2 Responses to “Blessings to you, Pastor Rod Parkison”

  1. Theresa Durrant Says:

    It truly struck me today how much Rod Parkison gave of himself to others, and he has left a legacy far more worthy than money or any other material goods. He touched lives, and that certainly counts in God’s eyes as doing the work He set before us to do. Rod stored up treasure in heaven in terms of people who will one day meet him there and say, “Thank you, for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed.”
    Rod changed lives because he offered them the knowledge of freedom in Christ.
    If we are left with only one thing from a person, hopefully it is something from their heart, and Rod definitely left his heart mark on us all.
    We’ll miss him.
    Thanks for your posting, Pam.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      Theresa, thanks for your comment. I was surprised today, when I got the announcement of the Celebration of Life…seeing his picture was like a punch in the stomach.

      I hope Chelsey is feeling better!

      Love you!

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