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The Past Becomes Present February 22, 2009

My last encounter with an old love from my Maryland days ended with the Dixie in the Dust challenge…and now I’ve heard from another old friend who may soon be coming to visit Florida. This one is a little more complicated. We were engaged once upon a time. I ended the engagement, and I didn’t end it very well. I was not a nice person then, and I still wonder how nice I really am. Let’s just leave it at this: I sleep much better these days.

But in spite of my truly wretched behavior we are somehow, now, friends. I am still adjusting to the idea of this friendship, which came about because the internet makes it impossible to forget someone if you don’t want to forget them. He found me because he knew I was in Florida. A public records search yielded my marriage license and married name, so he googled me and came up with my professional contact information.

It’s entirely possible that it might be better for his sake that he did not find me, but he did. There is a large part of me that is glad because once again, I’ve experienced forgiveness from someone I’ve wronged.

So he’s coming to visit and may be as close as Mount Dora during his stay. I’m not clear on whether this is a family trip or what; I would love to meet his wife and daughter. Steve has already agreed that we’ll take him/them out to eat — I hope we can take them to The Mason Jar!

Other than my family, I think this may be the last of the wreckage I left in my wake when I moved from Maryland to Florida. With each day that passes, it becomes less likely that I will be able to reconcile those relationships, but we are surrounded by miracles every day and I’ll never say never.


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