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29 days and counting: Dixie in the Dust February 14, 2009

Filed under: writing — eastlakecounty @ 9:55 am

29 days and 47 pages to go.

There’s something about writing that makes me look at the world through different eyes.  Like on our way to weigh in this morning, Steve’s travel mug was leaking.  He put his lips up against it and slurped coffee out of the side of the lid.  I wanted him to take me home so I could get some paper and write it down right away, because I know I’ve already mangled the image in my mind’s eye.  I looked at the receptionist who weighed me in and really saw her instead of just going through the pretend conversation that I’m so often finding myself participating in.  The people in the meeting…nearly every one of them had some mannerism or comment that really deserved to be saved forever, and I had no paper so I’ve lost it all.  I’ll have to start carrying a notebook again because I’m so easily distracted that by the time I start to fix a visual in my mind, something else comes along that is equally interesting and then I forget the first thing. 

Life is so hard.  But hey, three pages done!


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