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Arizona on my mind… February 13, 2009

Today I was lucky enough to be interviewed about why I love life in Central Florida…one of the byproducts of this interview was the realization that it is very likely that I was formed to bloom wherever I ended up being planted.  So I am posting a few more Arizona pictures and duskdreaming about what my life might have been like if I had landed there instead of here

As a side note, Steve loves AZ, too, so it’s still possible we might have ended up together.  Funny how our paths very nearly crossed a few times before we finally met.

Sorry I’m not better at manipulating photos here.  I’ll keep practicing.

Hens in purple jackets

Hens in purple jackets

Okay, so I’m busted.  This picture has nothing to do with Arizona and please rest assured, these are not my girls.  MY girls are naturists and do not wear clothes.
More public art in Fountain Hills
Now,this is more like it.  This is not a joke photo of someone else’s hens, but you’ve probably figured that out by now.  This is a truly gorgeous statue outside of a shopping center.  I came home all inspired and still think I may try to organize some sort of campaign for public art in Mt. Plymouth and Sorrento, but golly, some sort of central gathering place (you know, like a VILLAGE CENTER) would sure  be handy to put all the art in.
Veterans Memorial with Fountain

Veterans Memorial with Fountain

This statue was so moving.  My friend Tommy Hight was not a WWI Vet, he served in WWII, but this statue reminded me of him.  This statue, when you get a close look, is of course of an old man, but he still has a scrappy look about him, like he’d be tons of fun to sit down and have a few cups of coffee with (and the coffee shop is just down the street from this memorial!).  So it reminded me of Tommy and one particular conversation we had out in the yard of the Chamber office.  I sure do miss him and wish I had known him longer.  He was a hard worker and as funny as all get out.  I’ll say it again: I sure do miss him.
A chicken AND Arizona!

A chicken AND Arizona!

This was at the Air and Space Museum at Pima Air Station.  Life does not get any better than finding chickens even when you’re on vacation.  Unless maybe we had been on vacation in St. Maarten.
Yeah.  That'll happen.

FREE Chickens!  In Arizona!
FREE Chickens! In Arizona!

How often do you see this on vacation?  Unfortunately, we were in a rented car and Steve said no chickens in the rental car.

Tombstone Marshall

Tombstone Marshall - think Lake County has a budget crisis? At least our deputies ride around looking a little better than this!


One Response to “Arizona on my mind…”

  1. Bob Otten Says:

    Tombstone Marshall’s car may not be the best looking but it has a great personality and sense of humor. You can tell by the fogged over headlight covers and blond roots showing through the hood die job.

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